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Terebinth & Oak Worship

WE LOVE JESUS! We have led worship in so many different denominations, every experience growing us more in love with Him. Worship is not just what we sing on Sunday mornings though - worship is laughing at the dinner table with friends and family. Worship is cutting the grass on a crisp autumn morning and thanking God for the smell no human can replicate. Worship is hunting for that trophy deer and taking in God's artwork all day as you patiently wait for Him to provide for your family in the most exhilarating way! And yes, worship is in music we play and sing as we exalt Him and thank Him for all He's done and will do in our lives!

There is nothing like His presence! We love having opportunities to help usher in the Presence of God. Please contact us if you're in need of some coaching for the worship ministry at your house of worship, or if you need some fill in dates so your hard working, devoted worship leaders can have a week off here and there!

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